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Limitless Wrecker Services

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Service

Local & Long Distance - Out of State Towing

For all your wrecker service needs, make LIMITLESS Wrecker Services your first call. Serving the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago 24/7 for all your heavy duty towing services. From box truck towing to semi truck & trailer towing. We provide wrecker services including truck decking/un-decking, winching services, trailer up-righting & more.

Limitless Wrecker Services Rated 5 Stars
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Vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds & up are considered heavy duty. heavy duty vehicles include tractor trailers, fully loaded trailers, full sized RV's, garbage trucks, fire trucks, super dump trucks or any class 6-7 trucks. Our heavy duty wreckers have every piece of equipment needed to complete any recovery job or tow service, from heavy duty chains to proper rigging equipment for decking/undecking or winching out tractor trailers. Our heavy duty wreckers are state of the art equipment specifically built to our needs, with modern wreckers like ours, we can be anywhere in 30 minutes or less & load almost anything. 

Vehicles with a GVWR between 10,001 up to 26,000 pounds are considered medium duty. Medium duty vehicles include delivery vans/step vans (Amazon, FedEx & UPS), busses, small motor homes, box trucks, six wheel dump trucks, bobtails & bucket/boom trucks. All of our medium & heavy duty trucks have 200 feet of winch cable & are equipped with chains, snatch blocks, rigging hardware & hand tools to complete and towing or recovery job. For all of your medium duty needs, make Limitless Towing your first call, we can have a medium duty tow truck anywhere in 30 minutes or less.

Limitless Wrecker Services 16 Ton w/ drop axle Truck #03
Limitless Wrecker Services Flatbed Truck #04
Limitless Wrecker Services Truck #02

Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or less are considered light duty. Our flatbed tow trucks can handle up to 11,000 pounds and 24 feet in length. Light duty vehicles are commonly motorcycles, sedans, SUVs & pick up trucks/cargo vans (up to 350 or 3500 series). We can handle any situation from a regular breakdown on the side of the road to a recovery from a ditch. All of our flatbeds are equipped with 125 feet of winch cable and chains with binders ready to handle any light duty vehicle or piece of equipment. Additionally we have race ramps for any lowered vehicle, no matter the clearance, & motorcycle dolly with soft straps for any bike. Our fleet of flatbed trucks are located throughout the Northwest Suburbs, meaning we can be anywhere in 20 minutes or less. 

We are a 24 hour road service company providing lockouts, fuel deliveries, jump starts, spare tire changes or Mobile Tire Service for commercial vehicles. We will Send out a service truck to your location, no matter if it's on the side of the road, interstate, truck stop or parking lot, to repair or replace your tire, fix a leaking valve, or just mount your spare tire to your rim. Just let our dispatch know you already have a spare tire & we will be there in a flash. 

Limitless Wrecker Services Roadside Assistance Truck
Limitless Wrecker Services Mobile Truck & Trailer Tire Service
Limitless Wrecker Services PTROI Membership Profesional Towing And Recovery Operators Of Illinois
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Limitless Wrecker Services TRAA Membership Towing And Recovery Association of America Inc.

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