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Limitless Wrecker Services

Local & Long Distance - Out of State Towing

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Service

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We are a family owned & operated Towing Company providing Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing Services in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago & all of Northern Illinois. We are rated 5 stars on Google & Yelp, are associated with the Towing And Recovery Association Of America, The Professional Towing And Recovery Operators Of Illinois & we are Wreckmaster Certified. We can tow almost any vehicle from cars & suv's to motorhomes & semi trucks. We have the skilled personal & modern tow trucks to handle almost any towing or recovery service. We also provide On-Site Tire Service for all your box trucks, bobtails or trailers. We are only a call away for an honest & professional service at an affordable cost.

Limitless Wrecker Services Rated 5 Stars

HD Recovery Services

We can help in almost any recovery situation. If you are stuck on a object, truck is rolled over on its side or involved in an accident, we can be anywhere in 30 minutes or less. We have multiple heavy's on standby ready to assist. We also provide secure, gated & surveillance storage for any kind of vehicle, equipment or cargo.

Forms Of Payment

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HD Winch Out Service

We have the proper equipment & trained personnel to handle any winch out, ditch pull out or jackknife job. We can Assist no matter the vehicle: Box Trucks, Dump Trucks, Utility Trucks, Bucket Trucks, any size Bus, Construction Equipment, Motorhomes, Rv's Bobtails, Dry Van Trailers, Flat Deck Trailers Or a semi truck & Trailer.


Tractor Swaps

We can swap out your broken-down tractor so you can continue to your destination. We can pick up a tractor from your base or from a truck rental shop and deliver it to the breakdown location & load up the broken-down tractor. We can also finish delivering your load to its destination if needed.

Load Shifts, Swaps & Transfers

If your trailer is damaged or unsafe to continue to its destination, we can swap your load onto another trailer using our our trucks & forklifts. If your load has shifted, we can recover the load and rearrange it on-site.  

Limitless Wrecker Services

We will Send out a service truck to your location, no matter if it's on the side of the road, interstate, truck stop or parking lot, to repair or replace your tire, fix a leaking valve, or just mount your spare tire to your rim. Just let our dispatch know you already have a spare tire & we will be there in a flash. 

Limitless Wrecker Services Forklift

Truck Decking & Undecking

We can help deck or undeck any semi, no matter the location. We can help with as many units you need loaded or unloaded, at the same location or in multiple locations. Our trucks have multiple winches on them for a safer and faster job.

Limitless Wrecker Services On-Site Tire Service

Secure Storage

We have the capability to store any size vehicle on our lot. We have someone on-site 24/7, secured with cameras, fenced and gated as well as lit. We have space for a 53' trailer & tractor to maneuver in & and out with ease.  We also have indoor storage available. 

Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-39
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-55
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-57
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-80
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-88
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-90
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-290
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-294
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-355
Limitless Wrecker Services serving I-390

Light Duty Towing

Local & Long Distance - Out of State Towing

We offer 24 Hour Light Duty Towing, serving Batavia IL & all the surrounding areas. We have a fleet of Flatbed & Wrecker Tow Trucks ready to assist at a moments notice. We can be anywhere in 20 minutes or less.

Flatbed Towing Limitless Wrecker Services

Flatbed Towing

We have a fleet of flatbeds & trained drivers that can load any type of vehicle no matter the situation. We can tow cars with a low ground clearance using race ramps & guarantee no damage to the vehicle, no matter how low. We can also transport any kind of machinery or forklifts & skid steers. Our beds are rated for 12,000 Lbs.

Motorcycle Towing Limitless Wrecker Services

Motorcycle Towing

We take care of your motorcycle as if it were ours. We have soft straps to secure the motorcycle onto our dolly. The dolly helps prevent the bike from tipping over during loading, transport & unloading. 

Classic Car Towing Limitless Wrecker Services

Classic Car Towing

We tow many classic vehicles every week because customers love our service & how we treat their classics. We only use flatbeds & straps to tie down your vehicle. We have soft strap bridals to winch the car on to the flatbed to prevent rubbing on any bumper or suspension components & carry race ramps in case of a low bumper.

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