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Limitless Towing Services

Light Duty Service

Local & Long Distance - Out of State Towing

Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or less are considered light duty. Our flatbed tow trucks can handle up to 11,000 pounds and 24 feet in length. Light duty vehicles are commonly motorcycles, sedans, SUVs & pick up trucks/cargo vans (up to 350 or 3500 series). We can handle any situation from a regular breakdown on the side of the road to a recovery from a ditch. All of our flatbeds are equipped with 125 feet of winch cable and chains with binders ready to handle any light duty vehicle or piece of equipment. Additionally we have race ramps for any lowered vehicle, no matter the clearance, & motorcycle dolly with soft straps for any bike. Our fleet of flatbed trucks are located throughout the Northwest Suburbs, meaning we can be anywhere in 20 minutes or less. 

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Light Duty Towing

Local & Long Distance - Out of State Towing

We offer 24 Hour Light Duty Towing, serving Batavia IL & all the surrounding areas. We have a fleet of Flatbed & Wrecker Tow Trucks ready to assist at a moments notice. We can be anywhere in 20 minutes or less.

Flatbed Towing Batavia IL

Flatbed Towing

We have a fleet of flatbeds & trained drivers that can load any type of vehicle no matter the situation. We can tow cars with a low ground clearance using race ramps & guarantee no damage to the vehicle, no matter how low. We can also transport any kind of machinery or forklifts & skid steers. Our beds are rated for 12,000 Lbs.

Motorcycle Towing Batavia IL

Motorcycle Towing

We take care of your motorcycle as if it were ours. We have soft straps to secure the motorcycle onto our dolly. The dolly helps prevent the bike from tipping over during loading, transport & unloading. 

Classic Car Towing Batavia IL

Classic Car Towing

We tow many classic vehicles every week because customers love our service & how we treat their classics. We only use flatbeds & straps to tie down your vehicle. We have soft strap bridals to winch the car on to the flatbed to prevent rubbing on any bumper or suspension components & carry race ramps in case of a low bumper.

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